A Dinner Party Tonight

My supervisor has given me a new job. I work for a small company and we just started a website to sell our products online. Now the company wants someone to figure out how to bring more traffic to our site. My supervisor was given the job and is passing it on to me. He says I need to learn how to use escort search engine optimisation and get more traffic to our site.

This represents a large project for me, and it makes me nervous to be on it. Computers are magic as far as I am concerned. I am not sure where to start, but I have a few friends who really get into computers and know all about them. We’re getting together tonight and they are going to try to educate me.

Best of all, the one thing I really do know is how to throw a dinner party. That’s the setting we’re going to use so they can teach me. I’m really beginning to look forward to learning a new subject.

Go Away

I thought that I found the best fuck buddy London that I have ever had two weeks ago. He was thin, attractive, had a great body and had bright baby blue eyes. Usually, I end up finding my buddies at the bar but I found this young one why I was taking a stroll through the neighborhood park.

Everything was going good for the first week and then I felt that he was trying to start to be a little bit controlling. I had plans to go to a concert with my guy friend and he said that was unacceptable, I was like “hugh”? These tickets were not cheap and I bought them several months ago.

Then he started picking at my previous relationships that I have had and I knew right then and there that this guy had to go away. I told him two days ago and he has called my phone a million times.

Wouldn’t Trade It For The World

It must be nice to have a fuckbuddy. I can’t even remember when the last time I had one was. I know I have been married 12 years so it has been a very long time. I don’t even know why this crossed my mind, but it did. I was just wondering what it would be like to have that type of freedom again. I can’t even remember the last time I was able to stay out all night or even just late without having to call and check in every few hours. It’s not that I have to check in, I just feel that it is respectful to her to call and let her know everything is okay. I know she appreciates it a lot. Although I am sitting here thinking about this, I would not trade the life that I have right now for anything in the world.

Felling rather lonely, I called for some companionship.

On my last business trip to London, I’m afraid I was a little bit randy and called for one of their escorts.

Getting behind her, his arms on the window seil trapping her body against his he moved in closer and asked in just above a whisper, “Does this make you nervous my fearless woman?” and he bent his head down low and touched his lips to her neck.

Her eyes closed at the gentleness she felt in the kiss, and then as he moved in closer and grabbed her hips with his hands, she arched her back in pleasure and for a moment lost her-self in this fire that he seemed to draw forth from her body.

Her mind was a cocktail of many thoughts, dark and heady, intoxicating, and she breathed heavily and began to moan against his body.

I loved having fun with my lusty Leicester escorts.

Traveling: One Good Part

I was so mad when my boss told me that I had to go out of town for training for my job. From my first interview I was told that this job carried zero travel time. He told me that if I did not go to that training that I would lose my job, I was pretty irritated! I never like to travel and I usually stay close to home because I get anxious when I travel.
My rental car arrived at work and off I went to my 5 hour drive to the hotel where I had to stay. The rooms where pretty nice and at least he did not shack me up in some dump.

Someone started knocking on my door and when I answered it there was a beautiful woman standing there barely dressed. I thought that it was some type of joke and let her in. The only good part of my little trip is that she was from the escorts in Nottingham and knocked on the wrong door!

Two jobs

I have to work two jobs so that I can live a comfortable life. The first job that I have is a customer service agent and I take inbound and outbound calls during the day. I provide a high level of service, am a great performer and attend all of the conference calls that I am required to do.

The second job is my secret job that not many people know about, not even close family members. I work as a Nottingham escorts companion during the evening hours about four nights a week. The reason that I have this job is because I like to party, visit new places and love to mingle with strangers that I have never met.

Most of the time, I am very tired for my day job but I always make it through the day. I eat me a healthy lunch and I feel better within about a half hour.

My Wedding Day

Today, my wedding day, has been the happiest of my life. I finally tied the knot with my beautiful girlfriend of five years. Carol and I first met at a nightclub and instantly hit it off. For the first few months she was just a fuck buddy but it wasn’t long before we fell deeply in love with each other. I knew from then on that I wanted to make her my wife and life-long partner and now my dream has come true.

Everything today went to plan and everyone there had a fantastic time. It had taken more than a year to organise the day but it was well worth the time and stress doing it. The ceremony in the church was beautiful and the reception at the hotel was just brilliant…our friends and family said it was the best wedding they have ever been to. 

Now we can look forward to spending the rest of our lives together in complete happiness.

The Disappearing Guy Act

Gay dating is not always fun. At least that seems to be the general consensus among most singles. In all of my years of going on dates and putting myself out there the one thing that has always bothered me more than anything is what I like to call the “Disappearing Guy Act”. Which is where a guy simply stops talking to you, giving you no reason. Usually I never see these guys again, but one in particular I did end up running into again. I was out on a date with another man when we ran into my old flame who stood there like a deer in the headlights. Come to find out, he had been on his way to the bathroom. The shock of seeing me there was enough for him to promptly wet himself in public like a two year old. It was hilarious.